18+ Years Well Visits

Here at Child Plus Pediatrics, we have high expectations of our services just like you do. This is why we take pride in taking the time to listen to your needs and concerns.

Accessible, approachable and compassionate about what we do here at Child Plus, we want the best health outcomes for your children. This approach ensures that you get the comprehensive care you need to keep your child moving along with a healthy lifestyle and developing at just the right rate for success.

Here are some things to expect at each age well visit:

Physical exam

  • Weight and growth measurements/BMI
  • Vision screening
  • Blood pressure screening
  • Depression screening
  • Developmental surveillance
  • Risk for STD assessment

Developmental Milestones

  •  I engage in behavior that supports a healthy lifestyle, such as eating healthy foods, being active, and keeping myself safe.
  •  I feel I have at least one responsible adult in my life who cares about me and who I can go to if I need help.
  •  I feel like I have at least one friend or a group of friends with whom I am comfortable.
  •  I help others on my own or by working with a group in school, a faith-based organization, or the community.
  •  I am able to bounce back from life’s disappointments.
  •  I have a sense of hopefulness and self-confidence.
  •  I have become more independent and made more of my own decisions as I have become older.
  •  I feel that I am particularly good at doing a certain thing like math, soccer, theater, cooking, or hunting.