Why are childhood immunizations important and which vaccines are needed for school?

Full Transcript:

Why are childhood vaccines important and which vaccines are needed for school? Childhood vaccines are important to protect your child against contagious, infectious diseases that at different times in our history have taken the lives of many, many children. The vaccines prevent the transmission of these infections and their widespread presence in the community. They’re not only protecting your child, they protect other people around your child who may not yet have been immunized such as young infants or whose immune systems may not function as well such as the elderly or people getting certain types of medical treatment.

So vaccines are not only preventing your child from getting sick, they also protect other loved ones in your family and people in your community. The vaccines that are necessary for school will vary depending on the child’s age. So definitely if you have concerns or you think your child might be behind on their vaccines, talk to your pediatrician and show them, bring in your shot record and let them know what your child has had and they can help you get caught up if there’s anything missing.