Is there one meal that is more important than another when it comes to a child doing well at school?

So, I would say the most important meal of the day for your child would be breakfast and they usually go, you know, the longest span of time between the time that they get to school and lunch. They’re doing a lot of learning in that time frame. They usually put the harder subjects in the beginning part of the day. And so they need a good balance of protein and carbohydrates for their breakfast, so that it holds them over keeps their blood sugar stable, and they’re not having kind of a crash and burn effect as far as their energy level and ability to pay attention in class.

Lunch is important as well, but I would say breakfast is probably even more important than lunch. Your healthier carbohydrates would be your whole grains, whole wheat breads, things of that nature combined with a protein is best. And again your processed carbohydrates like cereals, pancakes, waffles, things like muffins. Things like that are going to be higher in sugar and your body’s going to process that much quicker and it’s not going to keep your blood sugar as stable. I mean, I would say you could do like a whole wheat toast, but combine it with, you know, a breakfast sausage, or eggs. or a protein source combined with that whole wheat bread is best. So that you’re always pairing a good protein with the carbohydrate.