Does an unbalanced diet affect learning and what is a healthy weight for my child

An unbalanced diet for your child can definitely affect their learning process at school. If they’re taking in, especially with breakfast, if they’re taking in a lot of carbohydrates or sugary foods in the morning like a sugary cereal or mostly carbohydrates, then it’s going to drastically affect their attention span and their ability to learn throughout the day. They’ll be hungry sooner than they normally would because they’re not getting good protein to hold them over until the next meal at lunchtime. So they’ll tend to be distracted and not be able to focus as much at school. Some children will also have hyperactivity with increased intake of sugars and carbohydrates, so limiting those before school and during school at lunch is best so that they can focus and be well-behaved and mannered in class.

A healthy weight for your child depends on their height and their age. So we have growth charts that we compare and we plot their weight and their length on those growth charts. It compares them to their peers and gives you a percentage of where they are for their weight and their height. And then the most important factor of that is to compare their weight to their height ratio to see is their weight a healthy weight compared to their height. So are we proportionate with our weight? And so there are several factors there, but it depends on how tall they are as to how much they should weigh.